The commercialization of Ingame

26.04.2018 by
This is an old draft I copied over. It might be old, wrong, badly written or smelly. Though don’t worry too much about the smell, I’ve been told that’s not an issue on the internet. Yet. When I used to play a video game in times past, I’d always be sure what I would get. No matter the type of game, no matter if it was met with universal acclaim or condemnation, you always got the entire game.

The original mobile game

26.04.2018 by gant
This is an old draft. A lot has changed in EVE, some for the better, some for the worse. Anyway, this article is probably not fresh enough anymore. Mobile games are often criticized for purposefully slowing down, incentivising the user to buy shortcuts and to lead nowhere. But not only mobile games do this… You probably did not expect that EVE Online to show up here. Unconventional Game Design CCP Games, the developer of EVE Online never had and still don’t have any idea what they’re doing.